Vinaigrette Restaurant and Bar

The original design of this mid-century Texas Pig Stand had been lost to years of neglect, plastic ivy and cheap acrylic frescos from the 80’s.  This project transformed a forgotten locale from its dingy and dark interior to the bright and vibrant salad bistro Vinaigrette.  Years of clutter and appliqué were pealed back to reveal the unique cross gable structure and form.  Custom site welded galvanized window walls replaced rotting wood siding to open the space to Congress Avenue and the 400 year old heritage live oak.  The existing garden removed asphalt and concrete pavers to create rain gardens and seating around this majestic tree.  Dinesen wide plank fir flooring, a full height custom green tile wall with the company’s signature vermillion highlights and a textured mustard yellow tile bar reflect the bright and bold produce centric menu.

Location: South Austin

Project Info: 3500 sf renovation

Status: Completed 2016

Photography by Casey Dunn